Estate Planing:

I also help families plan for their future with estate planning services which includes drafting trust, wills, durable powers of attorneys for financial matters, advanced healthcare directives and HIPAA Authorizations. In addition, I provide the highly specialized service of drafting gun trusts for my clients that own firearms. If you own a home, have children and/or have significant assets, making sure you have the appropriate estate plan is essential for your future.


In addition to estate plans, I also assist clients in probate matters where someone has passed away and only has a will (and not a trust) and/or has passed away and did not have any estate planning documents. I help guide my clients through the complicated probate process in order to facilitate the disposition of an estate.


In California, when an adult becomes incapacitated and unable to provide for his or her own personal needs, unable to manage his or her own financial resources, a conservatorship of the person and estate may be necessary. I can advise you on making crucial decisions about quickly and effectively setting up legal protections for your elderly parent or relative and assist you with the conservatorship process.